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Founded 1998 - The Revisage Davor Hinger KEG continued from the start on his own, unconventional designs and secured so that from the beginning the interest of a steadily growing customer layer. The new design have led to that the competition based on these ideas. Especially the development of water from stone walls found a new market. People with low levels of humidity, could be of great benefit expected from this invention. 

2001 Opening of the first online - fountain shop in Central Europe. Right from the start, of course not with the frequency of visits today, signed the predicted success. The online supply grew steadily and thus formed a format where the opportunity was found on a large market environment, customer requirements in time to recognize and react to it accordingly. The company is at this time only from the company's founder. 

2003 occupation of a small office in Vienna Döbling. Led to only 35m2 we are currently taking place success story. The export activity is recorded. Export region mainly Germany and Switzerland. Staff numbers doubled to 2 people. 

2004 Foundation headquarters in Vienna Döbling, where up to 300m2 area today an exhibition space, a warehouse and the headquarters is set up. Employees increased to 3 people. 

2007 The expansion of product portfolios made a magnification of the camp is necessary. In the south of Vienna, exactly in the City of Westminster Babenberg set up a camp with 400m2 area and generous open space. Here is the finishing, shipping and storage of the entire product range instead. The trading activities are expanding on the import and outside the EU. Direct business links with quarries and manufacturers are activated. By declining purchasing costs, the company focuses on wholesale. Employees doubled to 6 people 

2007 participation in a producing company in Poland, in Germany and in Bosnia Herzogovina. Here is a portion of manufactured stone and stainless steel fountain. Employees 8 

2007 extension of the offer on garden fountains and fountains. Obvious this segment helps the company shifts to new customers and stabilize yields during the summer. 

Complete 2008 relaunch of the company's homepage with reopening of the wells Hinger's shops. The goal is the expansion of the Austrian market and the acquisition of new customers in the wholesale and B2B area. Numerous distribution partnerships come to the conclusion. 

2008 Conversion of Revisage Davor Hinger keg into a limited company with the name Revisage GmbH and the opening of an outlet in Vienna South / Mödling. 10 years after the founding of the company's product offering includes more than 7000 items, employs 10 employees and is growing annually by an average of 25%. Dear Customer, thank you for your confidence, without you all this  would not have been possible


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