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What is design? What is design? We believe that course design something with flavor, beauty and style together. These parameters affect the soul of the beholder and give them harmony and perfection. Outside the emotional level design can also push the usefulness and comfort. 

Useful, in every moment tactile design - This is our world and these thoughts, we try in the manufacture of our products 

Manufactory and product development 

Since 1993, we are dealing with the construction of water objects. What we in this time have learned above all is the experience in dealing with various materials in connection with water. Water is known, the mysterious element on our planet. To the effect of water on the material and the flow behavior on various grounds to understand, experience is in conjunction with the ongoing development of the basis for the successful manufacture of water objects. 


The vast majority of wells models shown here comes from its own development and will be produced in Europe. We use exclusively by First Hand, and are thus in a position earn oriented products. Best contacts with producers in various camps material ensure the best quality and quick availability of products. 


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