design light fountain

Design light fountains are particularly beneficial for well-being. In addition to the benefits of a regular fountain, this warm light this fountain gives a special feeling cosiness and security spread. The fountains are suitable for various rooms and give each place an individual charm.

Light fountain sölker marble garden fountain

Design light fountains are made with ,,Sölker Marble' or other crystalline marble exclusively in ours own workshop in Austria manufactured. The unusual design of this fountain is characterized by the marble. Rock inclusions and drawings create different light effects in each model. Underwater halogen lamps are mostly used for lighting.

There are also a few specimens from the rare one from Portugal Marble Rosa Portugallo and from, originating from Italy, Carrara marble. The drawings of the marble and the play of the water work together and invite you to marvel and relax. They can also unfold their full effect outdoors and especially at night stylishly complement the design of a wide variety of outdoor facilities.

Garden fountain Sölker marble cube
Garden fountain Sölker marble
Water wall light fountain Sölker marble
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