natural stones

By means of natural stones endless ways to decorate both indoors and outdoors. Monoliths, boulders, ornamental gravel, various minerals and more can be found in our range. This gives our customers the opportunity to in the design your plants to unfold freely.

natural stones source stone sölker marble


Monoliths are mostly alone through their natural shape and you special appearance a real eye-catcher in every garden. They are called monoliths natural stones, which have a tall, slender shape. In some specimens you can go from bottom to top a noticeable rejuvenation recognize.

We offer monoliths in 15 different types of natural stone up to one Height of about 200 cm at. Some stone types can also be produced up to 5 meters high. Through direct cooperation with quarries worldwide, we are able to deliver marble, granite or quartzite monoliths in large quantities. The stones can be drilled at the factory so that the monolith can be used as a source stone for wells and ponds.

source stone boulder onyx marble


We offer different natural stones in the form of boulders. These stones can through their individual characteristics and you special appearance Enhance outdoor areas in every respect. You will find boulders in all types of stone that we sell. Be it quartzite, marble or granite.

show stones

Our newly discovered, colorful natural stone from Anatolia, shows itself in unusual forms and so each copy is truly unique. Whether indoors or outdoors, the show stones are handmade sculptures that really captivate your viewers.

A decorative object that has no equal, but at the same time also to a repurposed fountain can be used and, for example, can act as a real eye-catcher with the help of a ball.

natural stones show stone onyx marble


Would you like to enliven your fountain system with semi-precious stones and precious stones? We offer a wide selection high quality minerals, such as amethysts, agates or aquamarines.

Any gem will be specific healing effects and building forces attributed, which, in combination with the soothing energy of the water, have a strong effect on our mental well-being and our spirit. We offer Rough Stone Chips, as well as tumbled stones in different sizes and quantities.

minerals amethyst
natural stones gravel decoration


With our wide range of various types of gravel there are endless possibilities. The gravel can be used as a pond decoration, path gravel or as a decoration for garden fountains.

In our range you will find a wide variety of stone types, including Carrara marble or Flamingo Marble, various sandstones and even slate. There are also different sizes of decorative gravel.

quarry and throw stone decoration

quarry stones and throwing stones

As break or throwing stones one calls unworked stones from one size of 30 cm. These can be used, for example, for retaining walls or as a boundary. We offer a wide variety of throwing stones made of different materials.

source stone ice glacier foundling


Aquadivo offers one wide range of natural stones. Especially with sandstone, marble and granite there are many types that also also in larger quantities can be delivered.

It is possible for us various natural stones, as well as source stones in quantities up to 20 tons per month to deliver.

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