Outdoor - stylish fountains and materials

Fountain as an aesthetic element for outdoor facilities

Outdoors are often the perfect opportunity for a fountain. Whether in a park, on private property or on company premises. People take it positive influence of the fountain on her wellbeing true and gather near the well. There they can relax, take a break and enjoy the cool air around the fountain.

With the different nature of the materials, as well as the design garden fountains set an effective accent in every outdoor area. The fountains shine through a lighting even at night in one unique aesthetics and immerse their surroundings in soft light. specifically in Austria made light fountain made of qualitative "Sölker" marble shine especially at night and enter the gardens breathtaking ambience.

Steel, natural and precious stones - noble materials

The material for the exterior is also an important factor. stainless steel blends into one modern environment wonderful one. In contrast, offers corten steel a warm version of stainless steel. Through the reddish colour the outer layer of rust, the material appears warmer and can be cleaned more easily natural style be combined.

As natural stone we can Sandstone, granite and other natural stones offer. These are particularly suitable for... Mediterranean and antique style. However, with that too Sourcestone Fountain manufactured. A source stone is a natural stone that has a vertical drilling is provided. Our company also supplies natural stones, such as sandstones in larger amounts for your own further processing or for resale.

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