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indoor fountain

Thanks to the latest technology, many years of experience and stylish design, our indoor fountains are a must-have. Indoor fountains noticeably increase the humidity and clean the fine dust from the air. Water has always had a positive effect on our mental and physical well-being.

Garden Fountain Source Stone Set Marble

garden fountain

Garden fountains can stylistically enhance outdoor areas through their design and have a positive influence on us humans. They are made with careful handwork and attention to detail. Our garden fountains are available in various styles, variations and materials.

Products accessories


We offer you a variety of high-quality electronics, stylish panels and visually appealing additional modules. Branded pumps, fountain vessels, nostalgic taps, source elements and LED lighting and much more.

Natural stone foundling marble

natural stones

Using natural stones, there are endless ways to decorate both indoors and outdoors. Monoliths, boulders, ornamental gravel, various minerals and more can be found in our range.

Decoration feng shui


Additional decoration can make gardens and outdoor facilities even more livable and inviting. Sculptures, flower boxes and much more can be found in our range for decoration.

Antique fountain fountain

antique fountain

Our antique style fountains are perfect for creating a cooling and visually impactful outdoor space. Due to the special way of production and hand-picked materials, our antique fountains achieve a high quality standard.

design light fountain

Design light fountains come with ,,Sölker Marble" or other crystalline marble exclusively in our own workshop in Austria manufactured. The extraordinary Design of this fountain is characterized by the marble. DThe warm light of these fountains creates a special feeling of comfort and security.

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