product development

We have been working with a wide variety of customers for years and have also already had a number of products with our customers developed together.  We offer to discuss your idea with you and your to manufacture an individual product.

The image shown above is a joint product development with the Varena Vöklabruck shopping center. The task was to develop a mobile drinking fountain to be used at events. These or similar projects can be implemented without any problems. Whether one-off production or products with large quantities, we are certainly the perfect contact for your project.

Here you can Product development process see:

  1. Discussion of the idea and creation of a draft
  2. Conducting a feasibility study
  3. Determination of the expenses
  4. Production of a prototype
  5. quality controls
  6. production
  7. Product presentation and photography
  8. Production of operating, assembly and care instructions
  9. Packaging
  10. Shipment




Do you want to your idea with us implement? Then feel free to contact us!

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