Interior - Fountain as an exclusive interior design

Fountain as a feel-good factor for indoor use

Water in any form affects our mental and physical well-being. The soft sound of the flowing water, the visually appealing backdrop and the pleasant effect of the fountain on the air in the room all contribute to the fact that people in the interiors of the most diverse buildings also feel the beneficial effects of water can feel. Fountains as an interior can be used in many ways or set up. Both that design, as well as the quality of processing contribute to that well as exclusive interior are valid.

Improvement of humidity by wells

humidity is important for health. However, especially during the heating period, the indoor humidity drops drastically. In addition, particulate matter is increasingly polluting the air. Everyone has experienced the effects, such as a sore throat or respiratory irritation.

Our fountains also have a positive effect on the humidity in the premises. Through many years of tests and some discussions with our customers, it was found that a water-wetted surface of the fountain of 1m² is sufficient to fill a room (room height 260cm) with 40m² of living space up to an average value of 45% Humidity to moisten.

With larger water objects is it possible in larger rooms the humidity noticeable to increase. This happens on natural way. Water walls and water columns are particularly well suited for this. In addition, the particulate matter content in the room air diminished by the well, as the particles are attracted by the water and filtered out by the pump's filter.

guidelines for the optimal room humidity to achieve the feeling of comfort:

22°C room temperature 40% RH
20°C room temperature 50% RH

Light fountain – noble design

Light fountains are particularly beneficial for well-being. In addition to the benefits of a regular fountain, this warm light this fountain gives a special feeling cosiness and security spread. They will be accompanied by: ,,Sölker Marble" or other crystalline marble exclusively in our own workshop in Austria manufactured. The unusual design of this fountain is characterized by the marble. The fountains are suitable for various rooms and give the place an individual charm.

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